Parent Infant/Toddler Class

There are currently no classes scheduled at this time.

IMG_2000Parent Infant/Toddler Class provides infants and toddlers with an environment that uniquely supports their development of language, movement, and independence. The environment includes furniture made just for infants and toddlers, places for non-walking babies as well as those learning to walk, materials that supports development, and loving adults to aid the children. During the work time, children are free to play and explore, supported by parents and guide. Each session a nutritious snack is provided for children and their parents.

The 8 week Montessori Parent Infant/Toddler Classes take place in a Montessori prepared environment  which is Infant photospecially prepared for children of this age.  This class supports the parent in their role and also lets them know their concerns are universal as other parents have similar issues. The teacher in the classroom models interactive behavior, encourages and mentors parents. There is time at the end for a collective including singing songs and reading stories. Parents learn important habits not through lecture, but through discussion and experience. The organized environment and program is an aid to the development of the growing child. Families are honored for their knowledge, experience, and life lessons they have to support and share with children.

Infant photo 2

An important part of the Parent Infant/Toddler program is the  Parent discussion sessions.  In discussion sessions with parents the Infant/Toddler Parent guide facilitates educational discussions on the following topics:

  • Ways parents can work with children
  • The newborn from birth to 8 weeks/symbiotic period
  • The food for the newborn, and clothing for the beginning of life
  • Encouraging independence
  • The importance of “order” in the life of human beingsIMG_2002
  • The importance of “free” movement in the development of personality
  • How to help the richness and precision of children’s language
  • How infants and toddlers learn
  • Sleep and the sleep environment
  • Toileting
  • Preparation of the home environment for children from birth to three
  • Media and screen-time
  • Language learning